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The science underlying COVID-19 policy

Over the last month, we have been observing developments here in Colorado regarding the progression of COVID-19. Governor Polis’ press conference on 3/27/2020 created major concern by presenting a dire picture of the pandemic's risks and imposing a stay-at-home order with severe economic and social costs. On our new COVID-19 resource page, we analyze the scientific basis for Governor Polis' order and...

Oil and gas


by Dave Kisker I’m pretty disgusted. I attended two Weld County Commissioners’ oil and gas related work sessions on Tuesday, and while there were some very interesting developments, this was also a source of disappointment, frustration, or, even disgust.  As many of you know, part of the mission of PURG is to keep an eye on government activities at any...

Weld County politics

Sean Conway Resigns

As first reported at the PURG Facebook page earlier this morning, it was announced at today’s Weld County Board of County Commissioners meeting that At-large Commissioner Sean Conway has tendered his resignation. When agenda item #5, “Consider Appointment of Sean Conway to Certain Advisory Boards” could not be addressed because of his absence, comments from Commissioner Kirkmeyer revealed that Mr....