Sean Conway Resigns

As first reported at the PURG Facebook page earlier this morning, it was announced at today’s Weld County Board of County Commissioners meeting that At-large Commissioner Sean Conway has tendered his resignation. When agenda item #5, “Consider Appointment of Sean Conway to Certain Advisory Boards” could not be addressed because of his absence, comments from Commissioner Kirkmeyer revealed that Mr. Conway had resigned.

In 2008, the residents of Weld County gave me their trust and confidence to represent them on the Weld County Board of Commissioners.

I want to say to each and every Weld County resident – THANK YOU! It has been an honor and privilege to be your public servant over the last eleven plus years.

Sean Conway, Weld County Commissioner-at-Large

In his resignation letter, Mr. Conway cited his wife Rebecca’s health issues and the need to support her as the reason for resigning his Commissioner role. In an exclusive comment to PURG, Mr. Conway elaborated on his letter.

Mr. Conway has served as one of Weld County’s at-large Commissioners for 11 years, after a distinguished career as a member of the staff of former U.S. Senator William Armstrong and Chief of Staff of former US Senator Wayne Allard. He has been known for his fiscal conservatism, initiating a couple of reductions in the Weld County mill levy. His expert knowledge in many aspects of County government, especially in the area of transportation, has allowed him to play a key role in public entities such as the Highway 34 Coalition and the North Front Range Metropolitan Planning Organization.

At the same time, his tenure has not been without controversy, and he was denied a Commissioner Coordinator role by the other Commissioners in 2018 and 2019.

Under the guidance of the Weld County Home Rule Charter, Commissioner Conway’s replacement will be selected by the Weld County Council. Although the detailed procedure to be followed by the Council has not yet been made public, an application and selection process will need to be implemented quickly. (The next County Council meeting is on January 20, 2020 at 6:30PM.)

We will keep you informed. In the meantime, we thank Commissioner Conway for his service and wish the Conways well.