About PURG

People United for Responsible Government (PURG) is a Colorado-based nonprofit organization formed to improve and promote responsibility and transparency of the elected officials governing Weld County.

When it was formed in April 2017, the group’s president, Dave Kisker, announced that a broad range of activities will be supported. “We need a watchdog to keep the public informed every step of the way. We will not stand idly by when public officials try to conduct the people’s business under the cloak of secrecy.” said Kisker. “It’s critical for our citizens to be thoroughly informed.”

PURG is a mult-partisan organization and welcomes discussions with and participation by all Weld County citizens. The organization’s actions include requests for information under the Colorado Open Records Act (CORA); attendance at and publication of information from Board of County Commissioners meetings and Work Sessions; efforts to seek changes to the Weld County Code as it relates especially to ethics and abuse of power; and initiation of changes to the Weld County Home Rule charter, as appropriate, to clarify both the elected officials’ power and especially, its limits.